Yes! Finally a blog entry

I don’t know how to start my first blog entry or what should it look like but I’ll try so here it goes. . .

I first created this blog when I was 17 based on my about me description.
I am now 23 and this is the first time I’ll publish something in here. But before that this is what my blog looks like for 6 years



Yes yes,  I let it sit for 6 years with nothing to see, even though I always wanted to blog. So what’s stopping me?

1. Grammar and I weren’t that friends

Way back high school, we always have to make essays on the last part of the exam, explain this and that, compare those and that and it always annoy me because I was never good at it, I always felt conscious on how I construct my sentences I always have that feeling that there’s always something wrong with it. but right now I guess ill just wont care.

2. I over think

I have an outrageous imagination, I always think ahead that sometimes i left myself behind. I always thought of the possible worst case scenario even though there’s no action has been done yet. Am I the only one who thinks like this?

3. I always judge myself 

Even though I always wanted to blog, I can’t find the courage to do it because I always think that I don’t have the skills and knowledge to write something relevant. I always think that I was never good enough,  I often told myself  that writing was never been my  tempo even though I journal half of my life.

4. I don’t know what to blog about

I really have no idea what to put in here, I don’t have an out of this world idea to talk about, but that was before I guess, way back boring life or when I haven’t figured things out yet. Did I already figure it out??? ha-ha can’t believe I just said that.

It took me six years to write something and publish  without hesitation, without thinking what might others would think about it. I hate uncertain outcomes but what I learned was not all of it are bad, sometimes this will lead you to a much incredible path.

It took me six years to find that courage to be brave and this is my first attempt to put it into action.